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November 29, 2021


December 18, 2020


Employee recognition

December 14, 2019

Every year, certificates of appreciation are given to employees who have reach a milestone with the company. This year we are celebrating 3 employees who have reached this milestone, we congratulate Francois Godin for 15 years, Annick Boucher for 5 years and Jimmy Larocque, 5 years, they are receiving the certificate from M. Normand Mourant, general manager. By doing so C.L. Comeau wish to highlight their efforts that are contributing to the company's success.


July 8, 2019

How time flies! As you can see in Our history part of our website, we have invoices that date back to 1919, which means C.L. Comeau is celebrating its 100th years this year! During this period, we are really proud to have accomplished so much and to have increased customer satisfaction. In addition, we have improved our operational performance and breathed new life into aging equipment and facilities. 

 We would like to thank our clients for this continued trust they honour us with. 

Employee recognition

December 6, 2018

During a gatering to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, several employees received a certificate of recognition to highlight their efforts that are contributing to the company's succes.


Jean-Marc, 15 years!
Nathalie-15 years! Robert-20 years! René-30 years!


August 21, 2018

Weins foods is new one of our suppliers!

Weins Foods is a leading importer of quality food service products into Canada. They carry a full line of Mexican products including corn tortillas, flour tortillas, nacho and cheese sauce. They also concentrate on perishable, soy based dairy and a range of sauces and condiments.


Holiday schedule 2017

December 21, 2017

Holiday schedule for the week of December 25, 2017 and January 1, 2018

Thank you for your cooperation.


Xmas wishes

December 21, 2017

Mrs Germaine Comeau

May 18, 2017

We want to bring to your attention the passing of Mrs. Germaine Comeau.

The funerals of Mrs Germaine Comeau was held in St-Pierre aux liens church in Caraquet wednesday May 17. Mrs Comeau was Fernand Comeau's wife who was at the helm of our company were he remained untill his death. Mrs Comeau also worked for C.L.Comeau during 41 years.She was a fun-loving & pleasant person who loved culture & art, family reunions & foods.

Our deepest thanks & honour goes out to Mrs Comeau & may God give her eternal rest.

Employee recognition

December 21, 2016

During a gatering to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, several employees received a certificate of recognition to highlight their efforts that are contributing to the company's succes.

delivery foreman delivery general director Order process clerk manager


October 12, 2016

On October 1, 2 and 3,  our sales team was present at the Colabor exhibition in Drummondville to see what suppliers had to offer and what they had new this year, it is of course an opportunity to make large purchases, during those 3 days we had time to taste delicious new products, meet with sales representative and even create good business relationship for the future. We took lots of photos of differents booths so we can show you what we saw!


fins gourmands has lots of great dessert
Menu has now the strawberry, raspberry and citrus spread and honey in portion  Menu bread, either thick or thin slices. Mars Canada had a  M&M display so cool we had to show you!  Western plastics WrapMaster dispenser for film or foil refill rolls Patience fruit & Go, dried cranberries, whole & juicy New from St-Hubert, smoked bacon poutine sauceBridor Bagnat bread-plain, onion poppy seeds or rye & grains, an essential ingredient of any sandwichBridor pavot baguettine sandwich, mix lozanges bread and the baked stick cereales, all new products.ESKA- natural spring water is now available in slim cans: a fresh and elegant on-the-go format designed for you to enjoy your favorite water wherever you are.this Kinder surprise is going to be a hit with children during Xmas time,  you can hang them on the tree The Pur company, gum or mints.

2016 SHOW- a real success!

May 13, 2016

Wednesday, may 4th, was our C.L.Comeau show 4th edition at Carrefour de la mer here in Caraquet, over 40 suppliers, lots of customers, new products, tasting, samples and of course rebate on many products for that day offered to our customers on a 10 weeks period was what made that day a real success

Again this year M. Richard Chiasson and his professional cooking students were there to help manage our sampling area, appetizers, desserts & little dish were served during the day.

We are proud to present a show like this one for our customers here in the acadian peninsula and so they now dont have to travel many hours to get to one in another place.

Isabelle & Kathy welcomed our clientsAlexandre Daoust, account manager for our master distributor is always a helping hand Nathalie having a discussion with one of our clientlots of customers showed up!  Always a appreciated help from CCNB students Sampling aera Lyne Marzitelli, Hershey's sales repMarie-Michelle Grégoire, Heinz-Kraft's sales repMichelle Poirier,  Lassonde's sales rep with help from Mathieu Chiasson  Paul Parent, Target foods sales rep for Bonduelle & Phillysteak Alain Benoit,  Mondelez's sale repSylvio Fillion,  Unilever sales rep René, Annick, Annie & Andy having a discussion with one of our clients Luanne Killam, Campbell foods sales rep with help from Ian Killam Eric Martin, Berthelet's sales repGordonna Haché & Gérald Lagacé, Barbour's sales rep Christine Bikerton, Georgia Pacific's sales repChantal Pinsonnault & Mathieu Léger, Lapaco/Hoffmaster's sales repStephanie Donovan, représentante chez Wrigley McCain booth, ready for the show Mark Madore, Mars Canada sales repTeresa Smith & John Murphy, représentants pour Mother Parkers tea & coffee the Performance courtier team, Ghislaine, Nancy & Brian Mike Gould, Nestlé Canada sales repBilly Lirette, Cavendish farms sales repC.L.Comeau is proud to give a 500$ scolarship to one or more of CCNB students from professional cookingMme Nathalie leclair from Dépanneur Aimé Doiron /fritou express is the winner of our first door prizes

A new arrival in the CL Comeau family

December 7, 2015

The team at CL Comeau wishes to offer their congratulations to their colleague Jimmy and his partner Joo Anna for the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Jasmine, who was delivered on Sunday morning. We wish great health, love and happiness to your wonderful family!

Jimmy and Joo Anna
Little Jasmine

Salon 2015

September 1, 2015

In 2013, C.L. Comeau ventured to set up a food fair which people from the north of New Brunswick would be invited to attend in order to speak to suppliers, find out about the latest developments on the market, taste products and make purchases at specially reduced prices for the occasion. Salon 2015 was our third event of this kind with suppliers ever present, and our clients now look forward to this event every spring.

Salon 2015
several suppliers in attendanceLassonde kiosqueAerial imageEntrance viewMrs Joanne Jones, representative of Lynch foods the representatives of G.E. BarbourMr Henri Mourant, President of C.L. Comeau along with his son, Mr Normand Mourant, Executive Directorthe representatives of Performance courtier the C.L. Comeau team A range of lovely door prizes courtesy of the suppliersA range of lovely door prizes courtesy of the suppliersTeacher Mr Richard Chiasson and his cookery students from the CCNB-Acadian Peninsula lend a much-appreciated hand. Mr Alain Benoit, representative of MondelezMr Sylvio Fillion, representative of Unilever The representatives of Lexsam Prestige Mr Jean-Francois Charette, representative of Lesters the representatives of Target Food BrokersMr Ben Sollows & Mr Yves D'Astous, representatives at Amca Food BrokersSlushie kiosque and their representativesMr Eric Martin & Mrs Mélanie Dorval, representatives of Berthelet Mr Mark Madore, representative of Mars Canada

10 years for Isabelle!

January 1, 2016

Every year at our annual Christmas dinner, the management offers a certificate of achievement to the employees who have spent more than 5 years working for the business, so as to highlight their years of hard work.

In 2015 Isabelle received the certificate for 10 years of service as our accountant and person responsible for accounts receivable. Thank you for the dedication you show towards your work Isabelle; we hope to keep you with us for a long time to come. 

10 years certificate
Christmas dinner 2015 Christmas dinner 2015