Loyal employees: a major asset for a strong business

CL Comeau would not be the business it is today without the unwavering support and efficiency of its employees throughout its many years in business. Our employees do seem to enjoy being part of the business: as mentioned in the history of CL Comeau, we count on long-term employees, some of whom have dedicated more than 40 years of service to the company. There is no doubt that our employees are one of our greatest assets. 

Normand Mourant

Executive Director


Mr Mourant completed his education in administration at the University of Ottawa. Following the end of his studies, he was immediately employed by the Caisse populaire in Caraquet as loan officer, and then as deputy director-advisory sector. After leaving the Caisse, he became Executive Director of CL Comeau in 2000. His social involvement is widespread: whether as member or president of organisations including Chairman of fondation Hôpital l'enfant-Jésus,  chamber of commerce & tourism of Caraquet, Pokemouche gold club, secretary-treasorur for Théâtre populaire d'Acadie, Mr Mourant is enormously involved in the cultural life of his native region.  During his spare times Mr. Mourant enjoy golf and spending time with his family.

Normand Mourant

René Lanteigne

Purchasing Manager


Taking up his position as deliveryman in 1988, René also worked as order picker and then as sales representative before taking up the role of buyer in 2003, handling both purchases and the stock inventory for the depot. With his many years of service at CL Comeau, he is an employee who knows the business inside out, and who does not count the passing hours in the workplace. His kindness, patience and great sense of humour make him a valued colleague for everyone. In summer, René relaxes by playing his favourite sport at the golf club and spending time at his chalet by the sea.

René Lanteigne, Purchasing Manager at CL Comeau

Andy Power



Andy started out at CL Comeau in 1991 and spent the first 15 years as Field Sales Representative. Subsequently in 2006, he accepted the position of Company Manager, with responsibility for the effective operation of the business and its employees by way of controlling inventory and purchasing, invoicing suppliers, price structures for sales and the management of stocks, minor expenditures, the computer system and much more. Andy is always available to help anyone regarding their work. He is also one of the directors of the board. He is part of a bowling team and plays golf during the summertime. 

Andy Power, Manager at CL Comeau

Charles Borris

External Sales Representative


Charles has experience in this profession which goes back to 1981. In 2003, CL Comeau purchased the food distribution business NB Distributors of Campbellton, where Charles previously worked as sales representative before taking up his position with us. Charles is always on the lookout to see what is happening in the market and on the ground, as this is where he spends the majority of his time. Be it a new product or a price change, he doesn’t miss a thing. His clients count on him to provide them with excellent customer service, and he in turn is someone who treats his clients like members of the family. Charles has a passion for the history of the Acadians, and takes great pleasure in sharing it with others. In his free time, he is apt to take to the forest, compass in hand and in the company of his dog, on the lookout for artefacts.

Charles Borris

Annick Boucher

Internal Sales Representative


Annick has been an Internal Sales Representative at CL Comeau since 2013. Having previously worked as sales representative in a business for office supplies, she understands the importance of ensuring that her clients receive the best service possible both during and after their orders. Annick is very skilful when it comes to handiwork; whether in decorating, painting or baking, everything is done to perfection. What’s more, she often treats her colleagues to her homemade culinary delicacies. At work, Annick has a contagious smile which is undoubtedly reflected in her communications with our customers over the phone: naturally, she has been popular with our clients from day one!

Annick Boucher, Internal Sales Representative at CL Comeau

Nathalie Haché Godin

Director of Sales/Marketing


Having graduated from her studies in Office Technology and Customer Service at the CCNB in 2003, Nathalie immediately began working at CL Comeau as Internal Sales Representative. Promoted to a new role as Director of Sales/Marketing in 2014, she now assists our sales representatives in seeking out new clients and in ensuring that our current clients are receiving a good service. In addition to this, she sets up advertisements and organises the communication of supplier discounts and promotions. Her free time is devoted to sitting as member of the municipal council in her village as well as on the Board of a regional organisation.

Nathalie Haché Godin, Director of Sales/Marketing at CL Comeau

Isabelle Frigault



After graduating in Business Technology – Accounting Option from the CCNB Bathurst campus in 2005, Isabelle was immediately offered her position at CL Comeau. Isabelle oversees the accounts receivable (creation/payments), the payment of invoices and the payment service for employees. When it comes to resolving an impasse with regards to accounting, no problem is too great for her. She shows great dedication to her work, following what goes on in the field with insight and perception. A devotee to the great outdoors, Isabelle spends much of her time making the most of what each season has to offer: boating in the summertime, hunting in autumn and ATV riding during the winter.

Isabelle Frigault, Accountant at CL Comeau

Serge Cormier

Desk agent

Following in the footsteps of his father Cuthbert Cormier, Serge started working for CL Comeau on June 1st in 1973. Serge has now more that 40 years of meritorious service and it would be genuinely difficult to find a more dedicated employee than him. His function include the billing process and credit the returned merchandise. During that long period of time several changes have been made ,he began his work here using a pen and a calculator, computer were implanted during the nineties and Serge started working with it in 1992, in the early 2000 CL Comeau has proceed with the implementation of a computer system wich he than need to learn. After all these years Serge has still a profound insight of his job and there is no problem that he cannot resolve. Serge does not consider taking his retirement now and as long as he have the energy to work he wish to continue.

Serge Cormier

Annie Chiasson

Internal sales representative


Having gradruated from her studies in business technology-accounting option from CCNB Bathurst campus in 2002, Annie has joined the C.L.COMEAU tean in 2015 after 10 years as a administrative assistant for another company of the region. Annie has great skills to put clients at ease and she has at heart well done work, she brings a continuous vibe of energy and goodness to the office. Comittie chair for the parent school support comittee and treasurer for a festival taking place in her hometown, she is a very much committed and involved person.

Annie chiasson